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Tuesday, 12 April 2011 13:33

Laying the Groundwork for New Levels of Success

Successful ventures involve honest, effective communication, openness to change, mutual respect, shared values, and a clear, common vision for the future. Midwest Family Business Advisors has helped many organizations achieve these goals through the following opportunities:

The Family Business Transformation Process - Facilitating the transformation of your business and family dynamics to encourage long-term success. We begin by identifying goals, strengths, and challenges, and we offer collaborative strategies for putting a plan into action. You’ll benefit from leadership and consultation that has proven effective in revitalizing both the businesses and relationships of families like yours.

Family Collaboration and Family Meetings -
Many families strive to improve their collaboration and collective decision making about family, business or financial matters. Effective collaboration can help build and sustain a proud family legacy. We work with families to develop and enhance collaboration and teamwork. We help families to plan, organize, and facilitate family meetings and retreats that improve family relationships and achieve important business and financial goals. Consultation and strategic direction from Midwest Family Business Advisors can transform a few days of family togetherness into a time for mending fences, making critical decisions, and working together to achieve common goals.

The Dynamic Partnership - To be successful, professional partnerships must evolve from a collection of individual service providers to a cohesive, integrated organization. This requires honest, effective communication between partners; mutual respect; shared values; a commitment to professional management; a clear, common vision for the future; and ongoing investment in the development of individual partners. Midwest Family Business Advisors consults with professionals, managing partners and administrative staff of law firms and other partnerships to help anticipate, define, promote and manage change at both the organizational and individual levels.

Our Process - Although we tailor each engagement to the particular situation at hand, we generally proceed in three phases: Discovery, Implementation and Legacy. You may view a graphical representation of our process by clicking here.

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